Is it Legal?

At ezWILLs we understand that many people wrongly believe that unless their Wills are made by a lawyer the Wills are not a legally valid. This is incorrect. Please see Valid Will.

A person who has a Will can register details (but not the contents) of the Will with the Public Trustee’s Office (Depositing a Will Record.pdf). The Public Trustee’s office registration process allows and recognises that some people can and do make their own Wills without using lawyers. Please see Step 6 on page 11 of the Depositing a Will Record document which allows a user to select ‘self’ as the person who drew up the Will.

So the Public Trustee’s Office already caters for members of the public who choose to draw up their own Wills.

This mistaken belief (and the lack of understanding and knowledge about the effects of the laws of intestacy) is possibly why many people still do not have a Will.

Some people think they cannot afford to pay the fees of a lawyer to make their Will or they just do not know any way of having their Will made inexpensively.

At ezWILLs we help you make your own Will for only $40.

Make a Will for just $40.

By answering some simple questions and for only $40 you can have a professionally made Will that would allow your last Wishes to be known and fulfilled.

At ezWILLs our Wills are prepared by lawyers with many years of experience in preparing Wills and in Estate law matters.