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Choice of Will for Singapore assets only
Executor appointment
Number of Executors 1 Up to 2 Up to 4
Substitute executor appointment
Provision for spouse
Provision for children
Distribution of all assets and Property
Number of residuary beneficiaries 1 Up to 4 Up to 10
Specific gifts
Number of specific gifts 0 0 Up to 10
Guardian Appointment
Number of Guardians 0 Up to 2 Up to 2
Instructions for Will signing
Signed Sample Will showing where to sign
Price $40 $70 $100

Tips for making your choice:

  1. If you have only 1 beneficiary our Basic Will may be sufficient for you.
  2. If you wish to make specific gifts of sums of money or other property to a beneficiary you will need to choose our Deluxe Will.
  3. If you do not have any specific gifts to make our Superior Will is most likely sufficient for you.