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Lasting Power of Attorney Singapore LPA Form 1

In Singapore you can make your LPA on your own by going to the Ministry of Social and Family Development website and downloading LPA Form 1 here : It’s free for you to do this but you have to print and write in all your answers by hand.

You may not wish to be filling up everything by hand. Perhaps you have tried to do this already. Perhaps you’ve found out it isn’t easy to understand what you need to do. We completely understand.

We think that even someone with many years of past legal experience will still have trouble with the LPA Form 1.

We see a need for things to be made easy for you.

Completing the LPA Form 1 – the easy way

At EzWills we’ve simplified the process of writing a will in Singapore.

We’ve now simplified the process of making a LPA in Singapore online. We’ve analysed the LPA Form 1. We’ve added guidance notes and examples to help you better understand it. Then we ask you the important questions and leave out those questions made irrelevant based on your earlier answers.

You won’t need to keep reading the same irrelevant questions again and again. Our way is quicker to understand and also faster to complete the process.

Instead of spending a long time trying to figure out the whole LPA Form 1 yourself you can create your LPA Form 1 in much less time for just $39 by clicking here:

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Will and LPA package by EzWills Singapore

At EzWills we’re offering a Will and LPA package if you’re looking to write your Will and make your LPA at the same time.

If you’re just making your LPA in Singapore it’ll cost $39.

If you’re making both your Will and your LPA there is a $10 reduction for both documents together.

If you choose to do your LPA 1st you will get with your LPA a coupon giving you a $10 discount off any of the 3 types of Wills we offer (LPA & Will package). If you choose to do your Will 1st then you get with your Will a coupon giving you a $10 discount off the $39 payable for your LPA (Will & LPA package).

The Coupon Code will be provided for you after you’ve completed payment for whichever document you are creating and will be displayed in the download pop-up window.