Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use ezWILLs to make a Will?

At ezWILLs we do not want you to think that our aim is to replace the role of a lawyer.

When you see a lawyer about making your last Will your lawyer's role is as follows.

  • Take your instructions and find out what your wishes are.
  • Check to make sure that you have the legal capacity to make a Will.
  • Check that you are not being subjected to undue influence.
  • Advise you of what is possible to be done under your Will (e.g. avoiding a violation of the rule against perpetuities) and what cannot be done.
  • Advise you on what other matters you should be taking into account.

Making a Will with a lawyer involves taking into account all your individual circumstances. This is something that will take time and must cost more than just $80.

On the other hand you could try making your own Will by researching online and using free resources. However, you have no way of checking if the websites providing free advice is providing correct advice. More importantly you have no way of being sure if you have followed the instructions correctly.

If you are unable to find the time to see a lawyer or cannot afford much more than $80 and do not want to take the risk of doing your Will entirely on your own than ezWILLs can help you make a professionally prepared Will quickly for just $80.

What will it cost?

It costs as little as $80 to make your own Will with ezWILLs

We are able to provide you this service for just $80 as the Will you make with us is a fairly standard Will meant for most people with simple uncomplicated lives.

Whether you are single or a couple with or without children, if your family circumstances are straight forward, you can avail yourselves of our services to make a standard Will for just $80.

As we develop and work through the technical difficulties it is our aim to add to the options and services that we are able to offer to users.

However, ezWILLs is not a substitute for competent, personalised or specialised legal advice which may be warranted in some cases. If you are one of those persons in need of such advice we are able to provide you with a referral to a firm of local lawyers who are experienced in making Wills.

Please email us on our ‘Contact us page’ for a referral should you feel that your circumstances require such personalised legal advice and attention

What do I get for my payment?

You will receive a professionally prepared and formatted Will ready for printing.

You will also receive instructions on how to have your Will signed and witnessed.

You will also receive advice on when you should consider changing your Will as well as other advice.

When should I change my will?

  1. If you get married you should change your Will. Marriage invalidates any Will you may already have before the marriage (Section 13 Wills Act (Cap. 352) unless you are making a Will in contemplation of your marriage and the Will expressly states that you are contemplating marriage.
  2. If you divorce you should make a new Will.
  3. If any of your executors or beneficiaries die you should consider changing your Will.
  4. It is not possible for you to make changes to your Will simply by making or writing those changes on an existing Will as any changes must satisfy the formal requirements for a new Will (witnesses, etc).