How we started

EzWills was started following a conversation between two persons in February 2016.

One was a lawyer (since retired) with over 30 years of experience (the last decade of which was spent doing Wills and Estate matters on a daily basis). The other is a serial entrepreneur who was then running an IT consultancy providing mission critical solutions to major corporations (such as ExxonMobil, Huawei , Mizuho and Tata) and who now owns a well-established medical equipment supplier with showrooms in several Singapore hospitals.

Together we worked to simplify the will making process and share with you our wealth of experience in drawing up wills accumulated over years.

The more experienced one is the more you’ll know how easy it is to create problems unintentionally when making a Will that’s complex. For this reason, EzWills doesn’t aim to help you create a Will that does anything and everything. We help you create a Will that does what is needed ….and is correct. We leave out all that’s nonessential and noncritical.

If you need a simple Will and cannot afford expensive legal fees we’re here to help. For complicated and complex stuff please go to a law firm.