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The Letter of Wishes and Inventory List here are simplified forms. Every one of our Wills come with links to more detailed and comprehensive versions of these documents.


Letter of Wishes

Why have your Will deal with the care of your pet? If your Will sets out funeral arrangements are you planning to show your Will to your executor? If not, put these things in a Letter of Wishes and no one will get to find out who your beneficiaries are.

A Letter of Wishes is NOT a Will and does not revoke or affect your Will. Unlike a Will you don’t need a witness when you sign it. Change it as many times as you like whenever you wish. No need to pay for a new Will or witnesses. You don’t have to change your Will just because your pet died.

A Letter of Wishes gives general guidance to your executors, trustees and children’s guardians as to your wishes in relation to:

  • the administration of your estate
  • your funeral arrangements
  • upbringing of your children
  • care of your pets.

Download our free template but click here to start doing your Will first. You can take your time to complete your Letter of Wishes later.

Inventory List of Assets (‘Inventory’)

You don’t need to prepare a list of all of your assets before you can have a Will made.

Download the template to prepare your Inventory but click here to start doing your Will first. After you’ve made your Will you can slowly start preparing your Inventory. There’s no need to update your Will just because you’ve bought a new property or started a new investment when you can just update your Inventory.

Deed of Appointment of Temporary Guardian

COVID-19 is causing concerns that both parents may be quarantined at once.

If the person you wish to act as your children’s guardian lives oversees it may take time for him/her to arrive in Singapore.

Download our free Deed of Appointment of Temporary Guardian template so that your wishes are made known.